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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Erasmus, Aug 5, 2022.

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    Feb 5, 2022
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    I need help as I don't know much about equipment/services required for TV/Internet in an RV. I just bought a used 2017 Winnebago Tour 42QD, 43 foot motorhome. It came with a Satellite dish on the roof, which I believe was previously used with Direct TV as I see Direct TV notes in the manuals. It equipped with Winegard Rayzar Automatic Antenna (maybe dish on the roof??). As far as I can see the only equipment inside is a HDMI box which maybe allows the bedroom and outside TV to play what's on main screen (not sure about that).

    Anyway, all I want is when on the road and at sites where Wifi is not available to have Internet, and, the ability to watch TV (ABC, NBC, etc.) along with some specialty channels, i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

    For Internet, I've been using my Verizon Hot Spot, but my data runs out quickly and programs start to buffer. So, for internet I'm just wanting access to stream wherever I go and without worrying about data running out.

    Any suggestions on what I need and what services I need to seek are much appreciated?

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