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    Just looked at BECS Store & RV Park - Concan, Texas review. Had speed tests BUT BEC Fiber was included as one of the tested broadband sources. BEC is Bandera Electric Coop and they are not out in the Frio Valley and only deliver broadband by fiber optic. There is no BEC fiber optic so curious how it got included. BTW: They offer services at various data rates and I pay for 100 mb/ps at my home and service is excellent. Since it is a fiber optic service, if using the 5gHz band, you will get 100 mb/ps or very close. The speed range given on the review of a low of 13.49 mb/ps just can't happen unless someone was using the 2 gHz band and a VPN possibly but since there is no BEC fiber out in the Concan area, just confused by this listing.
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