Ft. Worth Construction on I-35W

Discussion in 'Trip Planning and Travel Concerns' started by McLellans, Mar 27, 2022.

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    May 1, 2021
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    Hello --
    I am pulling a 35' 5th wheel from North Texas heading to Corpus Christi. I am concerned about travel thru the Ft. Worth area and the construction on I-35W -- particularly around Alliance Airport. Do you have any suggestions?
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    Mar 6, 2006
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    I can't remember a time when I-35 was not under construction somewhere. I can only speak to the area from around Temple down to San Antonio. There are lots of stretches of construction which really scare me--mostly because of the numerous 18 wheelers zooming through the narrow, barricaded areas rather than the actual construction. But we go slow and have managed to get through each time.

    If it is possible for you to take a different route, you might try jumping over toward the west to Hwy 281 before you get to Ft. Worth. Maybe take Hwy 380 west out of Denton to 281. Hwy 281 is not an interstate and you go through a lot of towns with stop lights, but it is a good, fairly scenic road (4 lane in many places with climbing lanes and the bluebonnets should be blooming now), that will take you right straight through San Antonio on down to Corpus. We have traveled 281 many times between San Antonio and I-20 and have never run into any bad traffic or roads.

    If you do stay on I-35, you might consider taking the 130 toll road out of Gorgetown to avoid going through Austin. Get off at Hwy 45 which goes back to I-35 just south of Austin, or continue on 130 to Hwy 21 which joins up with I-35 in San Marcos.

    Just take your time and stay in your lane. :)
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