I want to tell my Fellow RV'ers about TuckTec Folding Kayaks

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    Jul 18, 2012
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    I might be 'posting' this in the 'wrong Pew', but I want all of my friends that may Live Full Time in their RV's and the many others, like my wife, pups cat, and myself, that just use them in the summertime, what we think about a product that I believe would help you 'more active RV'rs have Even More Fun.
    My wife LOVES TO FISH, and for quite a few years we carried a 'hard side' kayak or kayaks on top of our 'Tow Vehicle' behind our RV. To say the Least, This Was a Drag.....
    Then in 2018, I was on the 'web' and found a product called 'TuckTec Folding Kayaks'.
    I studied them and how they 'folded down' to be carried, then 'put together to use', and ordered my wife one.
    In about ONLY 4 days, it showed up and it is a Flat Dab Remarkable Product. And, it Was Not Expensive.
    It folds down so flat that I can get the TuckTec, the 'break down kayak paddle', and even my wife's life preserver in an old Army Duffle Bag I brought back from the Army when i got out, and this 'Duffle Bag of Fun', rides in our 'tow Car', not taking up much room, at all.........
    My wife just caught the 'Body of Water Lake Record' Bluegill out of her Beloved TuckTec Folding Kayak this last month, from Inks Lake in Texas, weighing 1.7 Pounds, Easily beating the old record of 1.1 pounds set in 2005.
    I have No Earthly Idea how to get pictures of this Fine TuckTec Folding Kayak And Her Fish in here, but go to TuckTec.com and look at them. They are Amazingly Designed Watercraft, and Perfect for RV'rs.
    Just Trying to Help,

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