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    Feb 27, 2008
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    How can I report a park permanently closed?
    The reports I have from friends that recently drove by say that Florida City has permanently closed the Florida City Campsite and RV Park. My friends tell me everything has been removed from the park and no RVs are left. The city has been wanting to close the park for sometime and it sounds like they finally did. The plans I heard are that it's going to be redeveloped into a condo project.
    In recent years, the park became a Hooverville for many down on their luck living in dilapidated RVs with campsites littered with trash. The location is a great one and it's a shame the city hasn't maintained the park. I'm sure they acquired the park as a gift from the previous owner to be used forevermore as an RV park but the city must have found a loophole and used it to close it down and repurpose the ground.

    I took the attached picture in March of 2021. There was some legal wrangling after the sign was posted but the city finally prevailed, moved everyone out and closed the park down.

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    You just did. Thanks. But next time, the better way is to send a message to the Help Desk by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of each webpage.
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