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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Medic73, Aug 20, 2018.

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    Jun 7, 2004
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    Barker tote dump 32 gallon ...... why spend the extra $$ to get a quality American made pooper dumper.

    Here’s a quick story, the first time I needed to use the BTAL/PD we drove 8 ½ hours north of Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) to Paint Lake Provincial campground ..... nice spot ... 30 amp, water with-in 130 feet (lots of hose required).

    But there’s no sewer .... answer was (purchased the spring RV show) a 32 gallon pooper dumper by Barker (4 wheel down version).

    After 8 ½ hours on some of Manitoba’s worse roads / 50 km under MAJOR detours / construction and huge frost heaves – we get to our spot at Paint Lake Provincial Park (1/2 south of Thompson ... farthest you can travel north in Manitoba on [what is sometimes] called pavement/concrete.

    Lo and behold the [what I thought was overdoing it strapping the tote down with 4 cinch and 1 locking strap] tote had partly broken free / moved off the rear fold down carrying tray. This was enough to scrape the hub and tear the stems – tire was flat, and I’ve never even used it once (OK I filled it with water to check for leaks but that’s it). Useless can’t haul 32 gallons 8.34 lbs/gallon = 267 lbs.

    Replacement wheel was no problem (complete r/r 10 inch with 5/8 inch hub at Canadian Tire in Thompson), trouble was the axel end cap (needed to hold the tire on) is as rare as a unicorn. Lucky was able to reuse broken end cap that I had pried off to get the wheel off (not great but better than nothing).

    Extensive search in Thompson, then in Winnipeg shows – nope no one has them. Yup I can order one at

    With little hope, I phoned Barker Industries in USA (really NOT a warranty issue – it broke because of the crappy Manitoba roads not a manufacturing defect.

    YUP ..... no problem says the nice lady I spoke to (name ??), send you a couple of sets front ½ inch and back 5/8 for free via USPS.

    NOW that’s how you get positive feedback.

    Thanks Barker.
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    May 26, 2013
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    Great story Medic73. It's nice to hear things like this as it proves there are still a few, albeit very few, companies around that still believe in customer service and the after purchase care given a customer whens something like this happens. The cost to them is minimal and the good word they gain from it is worth its weight in gold. Shame that many other companies don't follow suit but hey, this is the world we live in now it seems. Build it cheap, sell it for as much as you can, and forget about the customer once they buy it. If we are ever in need of a Barker unit you can bet for sure we will check them out before buying anything. Thanks again for the post...............

    Travel safe and travel often, BankShot................(aka Terry)
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