FAQs | General Site Use

I forgot my username or password what do I do?
You can ask for account help by using the Contact link at the bottom of the page or by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.

My account says it is not activated, what do I do?
When you attempt to log in and see the message that your account is not activated, you can click the link to resend an activation email. If you're continuing to have issues, our support team can help you, Contact Us.

I've emailed you and haven't heard back. What's up?
We have a small staff and emails are handled in the order they are received. Be sure to check your spam folder if you have aggressive e-mail filtering - you may have missed our response.

FAQs for Reviewers

How do I submit a Campground Review:
Register an account with a valid email address and a password. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Click on the link in the email that is sent you from this site and you will be automatically registered. Click the link to "Submit a Review" and enter the e-mail address or username and password you registered with if prompted.

Will the site make changes to the review I submitted?
The site team may correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. They may also remove the names of park staff or other parks that are included in reviews but will not change your rating. If the review appears to have a serious error (posted to the wrong park, for instance) it will be sent back to the author with an explanation of what changes are needed.

When will my review be posted for public viewing?
Reviews are posted immediately after being submitted however photos are reviewed by our site admins before being published as so there may be a short delay after upload until they are published.

Can I edit my review?
Reviews are editable for several days after submission.

How often can I review a property?
Only one review may be submitted for a property during a 60 day period.

Can I submit reviews for old dates of stay?
Reviews are accepted up to one year past the date of your visit to a campground.

I reviewed the wrong park or need help with my review, what do I do?
If you need a hand with your review you can contact our support team here:, Contact Us.

Adding Photos to Reviews
By uploading images, you are granting Campgrounds.rvlife.com non-exclusive right to use, copy, re-purpose and display those photos. Photos should be relevant to the campground and reflect typical camper experience. Images should show what the facility looks like, what sites are like, property amenities, scenic views that can be seen from the park, etc). Only non-commercial content (no advertising) is allowed.
  • Photos must be appropriate for all ages. Do not upload images that are vulgar, obscene, offensive, insulting or objectionable in any way. Images containing identifiable faces, especially those of children, or readable license plates may be removed by our site team.
  • All images must be original (taken by you) and images from other sources or material, and watermarked images should not be posted. Do not post content that infringes on any copyright or trademark.
  • Park Owners and operators may load images via the owner listing dashboard.
  • Campgrounds.rvlife.com may remove blurry, dark or difficult to view images as well as any that reflect a unique personal experience (like your happy family in front of their camper, personally identifying content or the cutie on the beach).
  • Campgrounds.rvlife.com may remove photos at any time and for any reason.

  • Adding a Speed Test
    While using the RV Life app you can submit a speed test to measure data transfer rates on your mobile connection for the park you are currently in. The app will detect when you are in a park and you will be given the option to run a speed test in the "Search and Explore" section.

    You can also submit a speed test from our web page by clicking the Submit menu item at the top of the page.

    Why can't you detect my location properly?
    In order for us to accurately detect your location, you should make sure location services are enabled in your browser and that you allow our site to access your location. Please note that using a VPN will most likely hamper our ability to locate you.

    What are Helpful and Not Recommended Reviews?
    We receive reviews year round from our trusted members and those reviews are displayed in several ways including reviews that are Helpful or Not Recommended. Our algorithm uses various metrics to gauge review quality, reviewer activity and review reliability to determine how to display content. Reviews may be labeled as Helpful if they are especially rich in specific information about a park or if members find them useful. The Not Recommended rating on a review may be assigned for a variety of reasons including having lean content, reviews that seem designed as rants and contain little useful information about the park itself, reviews that may have been submitted by someone who either did not stay at the park or perhaps has a commercial interest in the park or some other bias (friend of a park owner, etc). This process is independent of park owner participation or advertising and park owners don't have any ability to change or remove reviews. Most Not Recommended reviews are not factored into the overall rating of a park and filters can be used to sort for all reviews, both Helpful and Not Recommended.

    How are park rating scores calculated?
    Park scores are determined by ratings submitted by reviewers and this calculation is weighted to consider the age of the review (older reviews count less). Review sub-ratings e.g. service, cleanliness and value, do not impact a parks overall scores but do provide valuable detail and info about a park.

    Who owns the site?
    The site is privately owned by Social Knowledge LLC and has no association with park operators. It is supported solely through the ads that appear on the pages.

    Who are the admins?
    They are volunteers, each of whom submitted many reviews before being asked to join the team. They work under the published guidelines for approval of reviews.

    What keeps park owners from submitting phony reviews?
    We make every attempt to screen for this unscrupulous practice but there is no doubt some “cheating” goes undetected. Users of the site, however, can probably identify glowing reviews that are not consistent with negative reviews submitted by authentic customers.

    Do advertisers get favored review status or have any input on review content or site policies?

    Why can't I mention park staff by full name?
    Among the reasons we don’t allow this practice are privacy considerations and relevancy. Please do not include last names. There is often seasonal turnover in park staff and the particular person mentioned in a review may not be there when the next RVer shows up.

    Why can't I mention other parks in my review?
    A review is intended to describe the park you visited. Users can compare one park with another by reading the reviews of each park. A negative comment about a second park in a review would probably not be seen by a user considering visiting that second park.

    Does the site reject negative reviews?
    Absolutely not. A simple glance at the RV LIFE Campgrounds home page at any time will show the most recently submitted reviews, and there are often poorly rated parks displayed. This is not the place however, to vent one's anger at the management of a park where one was treated badly. A review will never be rejected simply because it described a bad experience. It will, however, be rejected if that is all it does. Remember; reviews must contain actual information about the campground. Campgrounds.rvlife.com is not intended to be a venue to settle customer disputes.

    Can park operators have negative reviews removed from the site?
    A review may be removed if we confirm that the review was factually incorrect or posted in opposition to our site use agreement. Reviews are rarely removed and never because a park owner denies an incident occurred.