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Discussion in 'Park Management' started by Scottam99, Feb 16, 2018.

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    I'm not sure if you are wanting to get your park listed on our site or if you want to purchase an advertisement for your park.

    If you are wanting to have your park listed on our site you can do that yourself. First you need to register for a membership account by clicking on the Register button on the Home page menu, and after the account has been activated, you can click on the Add Review or Park button on that menu.

    If you want to purchase an ad on our site, please send a message to our Help Desk indicating that. You can reach the Help Desk by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.
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    Jan 20, 2016
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    You've got lots of great responses - and I love that having a roadside sign may help.

    Consider how people do find you - what their process is.

    Mine is to start with figuring out the route and realistically how much we're going to be driving, etc. We just got back from a 6-week trip and booked sites to get to our main destination for a family wedding. I didn't book every place before we left, as once the family obligation was over, we had time to stay as long or as short as we wanted and I prefer the flexibility to make changes as we go along. (I don't just show up places, though and except for emergency situations, I can't imagine doing that.)

    But once I know the basic area, then I go to the Review sites. I want to read RECENT reviews and see the trend - do most people like the place, or the reverse? Have they got new owners or managers? Is maintenance handled well? Or are the bathrooms just plain nasty?

    I do like to check several different review sites (and now include TripAdvisor and Yelp as they have more RV park reviews than I noticed in the past).

    To me, if you have no recent reviews, that's a problem. If the trend is downward, that's a problem. If older reviews said - park is clean and now there are three reviews in a row saying not - that's a problem.

    So to me, the reviews are paramount. Then I make the call or use the website - and you better believe I'm critical of a lousy, out-of-date website, or a nasty person on the phone, or worse - leaving a message and NEVER getting a call back (that's happened a few times and I'm pretty judgy - you do that to me, and you're on my Crap list probably ever after.)

    But you have to have decent wi-fi. There are a lot of "location independent" workers out there, and just because they're over 60, they may still be working. My husband is an author, and even though he doesn't need the internet for writing, per se, he uploads his work for publication. He's published books from our coach!

    So unless you want to just appeal to a very small segment of your market, you'd do well to do the basics and as far as I, and many of us are concerned, that means good wi-fi. That's a good investment to make. To us, it's MORE important than cable TV. And since you said there are colleges nearby, remember that the students' parents JUST MAY BE RVers, even if the students mostly aren't.

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