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    Nov 16, 2005
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    OK, I am a Canadian from Ontario who spent last 8 years' winter, in Florida, occupation mainly fishing, however now I am becoming too old and the insurance that covers the emergency's assistance is becoming awfully expensive :ph34r: and I am looking into the Maritime, mainly Nova Scotia to spend the Sumner time there for salt water fishing, :D
    I have reviewed the suggestions provided in this chat and between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick I think I noted interesting places, however, :huh: what’s written by the RV’s camp owners and a personal feeling, several times are difference. :eek:
    What I would be interested is of some local opinion regarding a good RV camp with basic services (i.e. water sewage electricity, laundry .. etc). , on the salt water with access to the ocean for daily fishing; I have a 17’ fiberglass boat with a 70 HP Yamaha outboard, therefore, not too small but not big enough for certain waters. :eek:
    I would appreciate if you could indicate some RV camp that would be suitable for my needs.
    Thanks B)

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