Reviewer Guidelines

RV Life Campgrounds is a member-driven comprehensive review and information site specifically for those who love to camp. Reviews submitted by real campers enable the RVing community to plan wonderful trips and find accommodations that meet their every desire. We thank you for your contributions to the RVing community.

We accept reviews of first-hand experiences by real campers. In other words, if you submit a review you warrant that you have personal experience with the facility, are reporting only factual information and do not have a business interest in the park.

  • Reviews should be factual and contain only content that pertains to the property being reviewed. References to nearby attractions are welcome but should not be the focus of your review.
  • Reviews should be recent and may be submitted for park stays not older than one year and only one review may be submitted for a property (per stay) during a 60 day period.
  • Respect the privacy of others First names only please. Reviews may not contain last names, (either yours or others).
  • Commercial content is not allowed Reviews may not contain links, references to other campgrounds or websites, phone numbers, e-mail addresses or solicitations of any kind. Reviews posted for personal gain, such as services, gifts, money or to promote another entity or publication will be removed.
  • Reviews should be well-formatted with care taken to check spelling, accuracy and readability. Remember, others want to learn from your review; please keep abbreviations, acronyms, slang and texting shortcuts to a minimum.
  • Reviews should contain detailed information about your stay and specifics about the Park that would be useful for others considering a visit.

    • Example reviews with useful information:
      • Our site was clean and spacious. The park was very quiet and our kids enjoyed the shaded play area. The park staff was very helpful.
      • Our site was shorter than noted on the park map and we barely fit. The manager was unwilling to move us to a longer site. Park is located near a fire station and sirens went off several times during the night.

    • Example reviews with very little information (these may be sent back to the reviewer for revision):
      • Great weather, we had fun!
      • Avoid this park like the plague! I had a terrible time.
  • New Park Listings: Special care is needed when submitting a review for a new listing. We count on you for accurate information. Please double-check the complete park name and spelling, phone number and URL for that park.
  • Be Nice. This site is used by families. Profanity, punctuation marks designed to "trick" our obscenity filter, sexually explicit remarks, insults, extreme anger, extraneous and/or offensive comments about race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and national origin are not acceptable.
  • Do not post libelous remarks or misleading information. Refrain from posting editorial comments, political or religious content or disparaging remarks about other reviewers.
  • Copyrights Concerns: Original material only please. Do not copy and paste information from other sources into your review.
  • English please. If you are not a native English speaker, do your best. We are glad to have your input and are happy to provide editing help if needed.
  • Park owners, their representatives and employees (past and present) may not post reviews of their own property or of a competitor's property. Please see the campground owners' page for more information about managing your listing.
Disputes and negative reviews: Negative reviews may be published so long as they conform to our posting rules and contain factual information about a property. However, our site is not intended to be a mechanism for people to vent frustrations about commercial entities or to settle contractual disputes. Please settle your differences with property owners or managers through other means but not through our community.

Photo Submissions: Reviewers may add images to reviews that depict the property or relevant camping experience. By uploading images, you are granting non-exclusive right to use, copy, repurpose and display those photos. Photos should be relevant to the campground and reflect typical camper experience (what the facility looks like, what sites are like, property amenities, nearby scenic views, etc). Only non-commercial content (no advertising) is allowed.
  • Images must be relevant to the review and may not contain commercial content.
  • Photos must be appropriate for all ages. Do not upload images that are vulgar, obscene, offensive, insulting or objectionable in any way.
  • Images must be original and taken by the reviewer. Watermarked images may be removed
  • Duplicate images are not allowed.
  • We accept photos in the following formats: jpeg and png. Photos larger than 5 mb are not accepted.
  • Park Owners and operators may only load images via the owner listing interface.
  • may remove blurry, dark or difficult to view images as well as any that reflect a unique, personal experience (like your happy family in front of their camper, personally identifying content or the cutie on the beach or documents pertaining to disputes with a specific park or entity).
  • may remove photos at any time and for any reason.

Questions & Answers: The Questions & Answers feature allows members to quickly get specific information about a campground from past reviewers, campground owners and other members. Questions and answers are publicly viewable and may be removed by at any time and for any reason. Links, contact information, solicitations and advertising are not allowed. Questions and Answers are expected to follow all site guidelines regarding appropriate content and are not intended for reservations or customer service concerns.
  • Questions should be directly relevant to the campground, features and nearby attractions. Please contact the campground directly with availability, rate and reservation questions.
  • Answers should directly answer the original question, be objective and contain relevant information. They may not include links, advertising, solicitations or recommendations for other campgrounds. If you are affiliated with a campground you must disclose that affiliation when responding to a question.