Guidelines For Park Owners

Thanks for registering your Park. encourages park owners or managers to interact with reviewers, manage their listing to keep it up to date and to interact with other park owners via our forums. Once you have registered as the park owner and your account has been verified you will be able to upload official images, respond to reviewers and manage your listing to keep content up to date and accurate.

Responding to member reviews and public posting at
Whether responding to a review or posting on the forum there are some basic rules for all participants and few extra for Park owners. Please make sure you understand these requirements prior to posting.

  • You may respond one time to each review posted within the past 6 months.
  • Do not post names, addresses, dates of stay, phone numbers or other personally identifying information.
  • No marketing is allowed via posts or review responses although you may include friendly “come on back“ notes when responding to reviewers.
  • We expect all posts and responses to be polite and respectful and in the case of a dispute with a reviewer, we expect these differences to be settled elsewhere but not at
  • You can read our site full rules here: Help | RV LIFE Campgrounds

Responding to Reviews:
  • Always be polite. Remember that your responses will shape opinion about your Park.
  • Craft your messages well. Professional, caring and courteous responses go a long way to great customer relations and experience.
  • Thank the reviewer for taking the time to post feedback.
  • Address specific complaints and explain what steps may have been taken for improvement.
  • Do not offer incentives for reviews, or coupons or discounts for return stays.
  • Be positive! You might mention improvements or updates that may interest the reviewer.

Fraud and Disputes:
We work hard to maintain review integrity and expect our members and Park Owners to submit accurate information. You may not make accusations of review fraud in responses or posts. If you believe that a review may be flawed you can report the review (link on each review) along with your concerns. This function is not to be used to remove reviews that simply reflect poorly on your Park, only to report fraud or inappropriate content. We rarely edit or remove content but these reports will be reviewed by our management team.

Park owners, their employees, representatives or agents may not review their own properties or those of their competitors and may not register additional accounts for this purpose. If discovered, accounts may be closed, flagged or restricted.

Park owners or employees/agents may not contact reviewers via this website for the purpose of requesting a review change or to discuss a review and may not offer incentives in exchange for reviews.

This site is not intended as a mechanism to vent frustrations or disputes. Please settle your differences with reviewers through the long-established legal or arbitration systems or the Better Business Bureau but not through our community.

Links for Owners:
Community Forums: Campground Reviews
Member help page: Help | Campground Reviews reserves the right to remove reviews, responses, photos, park listings, accounts and other content at any time for any reason. Content posted is the opinion of site users and we neither endorse or warrant the veracity of this content.